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World of the Seas Gulf of Trieste, 2 days


26. October 2023




-underwater world washed ashore-

Marvel at the sounds fish make in the BIOMA Documentation Center and discover the phenomenon of bioluminescence in the nocturnal marine tunnel. Then it’s down to the beach.

Accompanied by WWF rangers, you will have exclusive access to the coast of Italy’s oldest marine protected area. On no European Mediterranean coast are the tidal swings as extreme as here, two meters daily. In large rocky tide pools, you’ll discover evolution’s greatest adaptors.

At low tide, let the tides lay before your feet what you would otherwise only discover by diving!


Bring a sample from the beach to the lab at high tide and determine plankton or benthic communities under the microscope!

Images: © WWF Miramare © Aurelia e.V.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


  • 26. October 2023 12:51   -   12:51
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