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Silent Giants in the Sky Fascination Zeppelin Lake Constance – Friedrichshafen



23. October 2023




-At Lake Constance lake view meets alpine panorama-

ferries and sailors from three countries cross the lake: Germany, Austria and Switzerland border the shore. Nowhere in Germany is the network of nature reserves as dense as in this region. Sustainability is writ large here in fruit and wine growing, fishing, agriculture, culture and tourism. ESD plus lago feeling – more is not possible.

Helium-filled airships have been inspiring since 1930

Over 230 m long and more than 60 m wide – in such dimensions the airship or so-called “Starrluftschiff”, the silver Zeppelin was built in the 1930s. A zeppelin, like a hot air balloon, is driven, not flown. How helium-filled airships stay in the sky and how they are steered is explained in a dialogue-based guided tour at the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen. Afterwards, participants can experiment on the topics of “lift”, “propulsion” and “aerodynamics” – super exciting!

Duration: 75 minutes

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Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


  • 23. October 2023 11:39   -   11:39
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