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Mussels and oysters off Sylt – List

Muscheln am Strand


26. October 2023




-Wild nature on the “island with shore leave”-.

Sylt is located in the middle of the world’s only huge Wadden Sea National Park! Sylt is an island with land access and is connected to the coast via the Hindenburg Dam. Whoever braves the storm and the tides here between fresh water, brackish water and salt water is a real adaptation artist!

List – Of oysters and mussel beds

The Pacific oyster (crassostrea pacifica) has spread over large areas as a so-called “invasive species” whereas the European oyster (ostrea edulis), originally native here, had disappeared long before the arrival of the “newcomers” due to overfishing. The Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Climate Research is now running a reintroduction project on the European oyster, which is considered a “keystone species” of the species community and has a very special ecological function. These oyster species – as well as native mussels, by the way – provide shelter for many species of animals, prevent toxic algal blooms through their water filtration capacity, consolidate sediment, and prevent erosion. They are indispensable in the Wadden Sea.

Our oyster walk is guided by experts. Extensive information on the morphology of oysters and mussels, their ecological importance, and also on current AWI research accompanies the tour.

Note: Rubber boots recommended or other sturdy footwear because the shells of the oysters/shells are extremely sharp. Rubber boots can also be rented on site for 3.50.

Images: © © Aurelia e.V.

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  • 26. October 2023 08:19   -   08:19
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