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Beaver at Chiemsee


17. Juli 2024




– The monitoring tour leads through meadows, hedges, riparian forests and bays of the Chiemsee -.

Before the tour, beaver specimens are shown such as skins, bones, dentures, wood with traces of browsing, an audio file with sounds from the beaver lodge provides acoustic information. Not only hunting but also river straightening and other hydraulic engineering measures destroyed beaver habitats. Since beavers have been able to be active again, it has been observed that beavers are having a virtually renaturalizing effect on habitats near water bodies. Their structures and dams create “beaver ponds” that have a regulating effect on groundwater levels, they create new habitats for many species of animals and plants.

Duration: half day or full day, depending on the wishes of the group, from 9 euros p.p. at max. 20 participants

2 Aurelia learning modules are included in the price

You can select these during the ordering process. Our recommendation, suitable for the above activity

    Vegetation survey
  • BLUEALP alpine habitats (currently in progress)
  • BLUEFAIR the team game 8th – 10th grade/any type of school on non-violent communication

    the weekly rally for self-supporters
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


  • 17. Juli 2024 19:41   -   19:41
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